Soumi Roy is a writer born and raised in a small city called Midnapore, India,​​​ but chased her dreams to Seoul where she now pursues a Phd in Biomedical Engineering with a focus on the early detection of Alzheimer’s. She mainly writes and reads SFF but adds more than a pinch of romance to all her novels. 
Her desi romance novella, A Tangled Truce, was published in The Love All Year 21 anthology. A firm believer in the healing powers of tea and animes, she never says no to spirited discussions about her favorite shows. 
When not lost in her own imaginary worlds or catching
up with deadlines, you can find her creating digital arts of her favorite characters.
Sapphic Phantom of the Opera x 1920s Bengal × Mask of Red Death 
To avenge her revolutionary father, Binodini joins a theater to assassinate 
its patron, a ruthless governor. Her ally is perfect, blessed 
with an angelic voice & knack for murders—she's also the theater ghost

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