Antoinëtte is interested in all genres of speculative fiction, specifically cosmic horror, dark fantasy, epic fantasy, sci-fi, dark academia, in addition to historical fiction. Antoinette maintains special interest in adult projects but is also open to select YA and graphic novels. In general she loves lyrical prose that challenges narrative conventions, ambitiously immersive worlds inspired by different cultures, morally gray and dysfunctional but lovable characters with fun dynamics, and new takes on old tropes. She is drawn to atmospheric and lyrical prose and complex philosophical/psychological themes across all genres. Some general themes she enjoys are adventures, antiheroines, quirky concepts you might find in an anime, dark fantasy, and anticolonialism. In historical fiction she's interested in finding stories inspired by non-western mythologies or about the untold stories of female heroines around the world such as Tomoe Gozen, Queen Amanirenas, or Sayyida-Al-Hura. Please do not send her military fiction or fae/vampire/elemental magic fantasy. Some favorite books of hers are BLACK SUN, THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO, BABEL, JADE CITY, and DEATH NOTE.​​​​​​​
Illustrator/Comic Artist
Adult & YA fantasy author
Adult & YA fantasy author
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